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Acoustic installation service

Achieving Class A results is only possible with high-quality acoustic products and first-class installation. All our installers are experienced professionals in the field, with strong product knowledge and expertise.

We handle all installations ourselves.

ecophon fade installations

In the installation of seamless and smooth Ecophon Fade, Ecophon acoustic panels are first installed according to the plan, followed by the application of Ecophon Fade acoustic mortar. The surface is finished by smoothing. The surface can be smoothed completely or different surface textures can be implemented. The system can be installed on nearly any shaped surface in warm indoor spaces. Ceilings, walls, straight and curved surfaces, tight corners, and vaults.

Visible & Spray tech installations

Visible and Spray Tech acoustic sprayings are executed according to the plan, starting with protecting the space and cleaning the surfaces from loose debris. The spraying is done in a single application to the desired thickness. Even thick layers can be applied, for example, 40-80 mm. Both products can be installed in cold or warm spaces, Spray Tech acoustic spraying is based on glass wool and is suitable, for example, for infrared construction as thermal insulation.

Ecophon Clipso installations

In Ecophon Clipso acoustic solution, the acoustic fabric is stretched onto a discreet profile, which is attached to the edge of the space. Installation is fast because there are fewer steps compared to traditional seamless acoustic solutions.

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