Frequently asked questions


Yes, it does. The most common color charts we use are NCS and RAL.

Yes. We install all our products ourselves.

Yes, the Fade system has a wide range of details available. However, we often design details together with the designer.

Yes, we have a wide range of environmentally certified products. They are always classified as M1 and safe to use.

Mainly from Finland, Sweden, and Denmark.

We have completed numerous prestigious projects over the years. For example, Kiasma, Olympic Stadium, Hakaniemi Market Hall, Alvar Aalto Museum, Helsinki University Main Building, Enso-Gutzeit House, Kuopio Museum, etc.


Yes, we install all our products ourselves.

Yes, we are happy to collaborate with ceiling contractors.

No, it isn’t. We follow the grid / acoustical board installation and guide the contractor. Warranties are valid regardless of who installs the grid / acoustical board.

We conducted a customer satisfaction survey externally. 9/10 recommended us as a partner on the construction site based on previous experiences.

We are very competitively priced. We have been doing acoustic spraying for 20 years, so our operations are highly efficient.

Yes, we can repair all types of coatings available on the market and replicate the existing texture and color.

Acoustic spraying is a well-controlled process, and we have developed our own quality system. In the past, there were many organic coatings on the market with the risk of color deviations. These issues have been addressed, and nowadays, inorganic mineral-based coatings withstand conditions very well.

Most of our products are directly available in our warehouse in Metsälä, Helsinki. We are also very flexible with installations, so we can usually start a new project within days.

We have completed numerous prestigious projects over the years. For example, Kiasma, Olympic Stadium, Hakaniemi Market Hall, Alvar Aalto Museum, Helsinki University Main Building, Enso-Gutzeit House, Kuopio Museum, etc.


Yes, absolutely. You can take care of the structural preparations, and we’ll handle the coating work.

No, it’s not. We will guide them through the work and supervise the progress.

Our additional price list is about three lines long. We provide a price for your project, and our price holds, with no additional costs. This is our customer promise.

Yes. Most of our products are available in our warehouse in Metsälä, Helsinki. Acoustical boards can be purchase directly from Ecophon.

Let’s review the connections and other details together. We provide design assistance for this matter.

You don’t need to worry about losing the job with our pricing. Our prices are the same for all ceiling contractors.

30 days from the acknowledgment of the measurement protocols

We serve in Finnish, English, and Estonian.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for construction site shouting. We focus on good communication and always behave professionally. We are happy to help.



We have occasionally completed several projects over the years. In 2024, we aim to start regularly serving private clients as well. Clipso stretch acoustical system is a cost-effective and durable solution.

Yes. On the other hand, if the living room is unusable due to stressful reverberation, it doesn’t feel like home without damping. It’s worth addressing the damping during the construction/renovation phase to save costs.

There are several stages in the installation of acoustical plastering, and it requires specialized equipment. Clipso strech system is a more cost-effective option for small surface areas.

In terms of damping, there is no difference between them. The difference lies in appearance. Seamless surfaces are often more discreet than paneled acoustic ceilings.

No, we don’t. Thin layers of acoustic material are not sufficient for damping the space. We provide a satisfaction guarantee for our work.

As a general rule of thumb, around 80% of the floor area with about 40mm insulation is sufficient to effectively address damping. More information about acoustics can be found by searching for keywords such as reverberation and sound absorption.

Acoustic plaster is always a delicate surface. It needs to remain porous to dampen effectively. The Clipso system is durable and impact resistant.

Acoustical plaster system is based on acoustical board with a coating on top of it. In acoustical strech system, a damping material is installed behind, and fabric is stretched over it. When the surface of acoustical plaster ceiling is made smooth, it hardly differs visually from a regular painted ceiling.