Products and services

Are you looking for smooth seamless acoustical ceiling? Our Invisible acoustic system is totally smooth, seamless and best A class absorber.
For quick and pricewise seamless acoustical solution
we can offer you Visible acoustical spray.
For infra, thermal and underground projects
we recommend Sprefix mineral wool spray.
We can update the looks for every kind of acoustical materials.
From TV -studios to schools you name it.

Want to hear the story?

Katso video
We are a Scandinavian company with more than 15 years of experience in installing sprayable acoustical materials. We are an innovative team which is excited about the industry. We have created our own quality system and training methods. One of our top priorities is to be a good place to work for our company owners and our employees. We enjoy working in international projects and have long experience from it.

We ordered customer satisfaction report in 2017. Nine out of ten recommend us to be a partner in the project regarding previous experiences. Our credit rating is highest AAA.